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[Review] ‘Ghost Team’ is Painfully Unfunny



Those who have already decided that the new Ghostbusters wasn’t for them, it looked as if they had another option: Oliver Irving’s Ghost Team.

Irving co-wrote the new comedy with Peter Warren in which a paranormal-obsessed man (Napoleon Dynamite‘s Jon Heder) mounts his own investigation into the beyond with his depressed best friend (Harold and Kumar‘s David Krumholtz), a cable access medium (“Broad City’s” Paul W. Downs), an overeager security guard (Jeepers Creepers‘ Justin Long), and a god-awful psychic (“Strangers With Candy’s” Amy Sedaris).

Ghost Team not only boasted the perfect low budget comedy bro-casting, but a concept that appeared to be the low budget counterpart to Ghostbusters. Unfortunately, the filmmakers lied to you.

From laughs to capturing spooks on camera, Ghost Team fails to deliver on any promise.

Albiet a bit of a spoiler, but quite necessary in explaining why Bloody Disgusting readers should avoid this title, there are no ghosts in Ghost Team. Yes, they go hunting for the supernatural, but there’s nothing remotely spooky here. So, if it’s not scary, it’s funny, right? No. Ghost Team has one of the better low budget comedy casts in recent memory and yet, somehow, Irving manages to deliver zero laughs. It’s painfully unfunny to the point of boredom. It’s so bad that I have to question whether or not there was even a script; is it possible they improvised everything? And if this is the truth, it makes it look as if the aforementioned cast has zero talent, which I refuse to believe (this would destroy my world).

The only thing that ties everything together is that Irving and Warren attempt to offer redemption to the unlikely heroes who are otherwise failures in their everyday lives. It comes as a wasted effort for the reasons mentioned above.

Ghost Team is the worst of independent releases in that it’s going to be successful based on the names boasted on the cover, yet leave every single viewer disappointed. There’s middle of the road and there’s this, which is a road that’s yet to be paved. The only thing scary here is that someone may actually pay hard-earned money to rent this.

Ghost Team is now exclusively on Google Play with a theatrical run set for August 12th.

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