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Is Michael Dougherty Filming ‘Trick ‘r Treat 2’?



Update: I just spoke with Michael Dougherty and I can confirm that this is NOT from ‘Trick ‘r Treat 2’. However, I will be able to speak about what it’s from once the embargo I’m currently under has lifted.

Earlier today, director Michael Dougherty posted a photo from set of what appears to be Trick ‘r Treat 2, the sequel to the 2007 anthology horror film that introduced the world to “Sam”, the adorable yet incredibly vicious and violent trick-or-treater who enforces the rules of Halloween with deadly efficiency. The caption also reads 110 days with a hashtag for “Halloween”, although I would be amazed if they managed to release the film by that time.

Now, this photo may be an old behind-the-scenes photo from the original film but Dougherty’s Twitter bio also states that his next film is the sequel, so this strongly suggests that filming is happening as this is being written.

In the original film:
Five interwoven stories that occur on Halloween: An everyday high school principal has a secret life as a serial killer; a college virgin might have just met the guy for her; a group of teenagers pull a mean prank; a woman who loathes the night has to contend with her holiday-obsessed husband; and a mean old man meets his match with a demonic, supernatural trick-or-treater.

While none of this is confirmed, it’d be incredible to get another Michael Dougherty film! And who can resist the thought of Sam making his comeback?!

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