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Charlie Hunnam Drops Out of ‘Pacific Rim: Maelstrom’



Remember when there was a lot of back and forth on whether or not Pacific Rim: Maelstrom was going to happen? Personally, I’m thrilled that the decision was made to push forward with it as I absolutely loved the first film and the thought of more “Jaeger vs. Kaiju” action is enough to get my full attention.

However, in some sad news it seems that Charlie Hunnam, who played “Raleigh Beckett” in the original, will not be returning to the sequel as he is booked solid with other projects when filming is supposed take place, he tells Yahoo.

Pacific Rim: Maelstrom has confirmed Scott Eastwood and John Boyega, the latter of whom will be playing the son of Idris Elba’s “Marshal Stacker Pentecost”. The film is written by Derek Connolly and will be directed by Steven S. DeKnight.

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