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Listen to Precious Child’s Score for the Neil Gaiman Documentary ‘Dream Dangerously’ (Exclusive)



Precious Child

Author and storyteller Neil Gaiman has been enchanting audiences for over 30 years, his stories capturing the hearts and imaginations of readers of all ages. Books like “Coraline” and “Stardust” have been adapted into beloved films while his acclaimed novel “American Gods” is currently being adapted into a TV series with producer Bryan Fuller and Michael Green.

There has long been fascination with the author and, as a result, a documentary by the name of Dream Dangerously was born. Directed by Patrick Meaney and featuring interviews with his wife Amanda Palmer as well as George RR Martin, Grant Morrison, Bill Hader, Wil Wheaton, Michael Sheen, Karen Berger, and many more, the film aims to take viewers into the mind of Gaiman and all the magic within.

Today, we’re bringing you an exclusive first listen to the music that was specially composed for the documentary by LA musician Precious Child. Moody, richly atmospheric, and lushly cinematic, I don’t think I could envision a better sonic landscape to back Gaiman and his work.

You can watch Dream Dangerously on Vimeo. Additionally, you can pre-order Precious Child’s Escape EP via iTunes.

Precious Child explains the approach to scoring such a documentary:

Since this was for Neil’s biopic I decided to consciously approach it as a storytelling exercise. I’m a huge reader with a particular affinity for mythology, folk tales, and legends. In my little circle of personal associates I’m known for my ridiculously fragile and sizable pile of antique Arabian Nights books. Obviously, Neil’s stories get along real well with me. I love the intensity, carnal elements, and scale of his books. My overall favorite is Sandman which I read start to finish non stop over two months of summer while holed up in an exes house. There’s a lot of violence, tragedy, and peril in his stories. There is also a lot of beauty and moments of comfort and intimacy.

I weaved many of these dramatic elements into these musical stories. What are the details about these stories? I will leave space for the listener to Escape and find their own stories in these pieces of music and sound. Music without words is abstract, and without the definition that words suggest, the listener can close their eyes and dream their own stories. Imagination is creation and creation is power and transcendence. Escape has negative associations, but I view our ability to imagine and dream as an essential personal liberty and blessing. Via art one can Escape and imagine and this can be wonderful in all sorts of ways, from disconnecting, to clearing ones mind, to fantasizing, to discovering new perspectives. As I said, I think that this is power and Escape is a magical part of every day reality that’s right there for all of us to experience.

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