Someone Mashed Wilford Brimley's Diabetes Commercial With 'The Thing' [Halloween Treat] - Bloody Disgusting
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Someone Mashed Wilford Brimley’s Diabetes Commercial With ‘The Thing’ [Halloween Treat]



Although I haven’t had cable or basic TV channels of any kind for well over two decades, I still remember clear as a bell Wilford Brimley’s Liberty Medical commercial where he spoke about his diabetes. They were a cultural phenomenon, ushering in the new pronunciation “diabeetus” and propelling Brimley back into the spotlight.

Getting to the point, Anna Continelli, who is a goddamn genius in my world, mashed the audio of the Liberty Medical commercial with scenes from John Carpenter’s sci-fi horror classic The Thing. The end result is a fantastic and humorous commercial that was meant to promote a showing of the film at The Coolidge Corner Theatre in Brookline, Massachusetts. Check it out below and enjoy the brilliance!

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