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Ultimate ‘Halloween’ Fan Film is Canon With Original Timeline



Halloween Resurrection

What if Dimension Films never bailed on Halloween original timeline and allowed Rob Zombie to remake John Carpenter’s classic? We would have a sequel to Halloween: Resurrection (2002), which would complete a new trilogy that started with Halloween: H20 (1998).

Kohl V. Bladen and Jeffrey J. Moore co-wrote and will co-direct Halloween: The Night Evil Died, a new fan-film that will feature original Michael Myers, Tony Moran, returning once again as The Shape (he played the unmasked Michael in the original film).

The fan-made sequel follows the events of Halloween Resurrection (where Busta Rhymes burned Michael in a fire), Emma (Emily Lanelle) and her friends take a road trip to Haddonfield to meet her Great Grandmother Pamela Strode (Juli Erickson). Michael returns to put the Myers and Strode family names to rest.

Even with a failed IGG campaign, the film is allegedly cast up and filming soon. They’re even working on Michael’s new mask in an update as early as yesterday!

It’s unclear if the film is financed, what the budget is, or how long it will be, but it looks like Bladen and Moore are determined to get this behind cameras some time this year.

Halloween: The Night Evil Died opens on the same night of Halloween: Resurrection. Michael wakes up in the morgue and kills the Coroner, before disappearing for fifteen years. The film jumps from 2002 to present day where we meet Emma Tate (John Tate’s Daughter), who recently moved in with her best friend (Carlie Hill) following the death of her father after a battle with cancer. Being sheltered her whole life and being lied to for her own protection, Emma turns to an online ancestry site to see if she has any living relatives and to find out about her past.

Emma discovers that she has a Great-Grandmother (Pamela Strode) who is still alive in Haddonfield, Illinois. From there she takes a road trip with some friends to meet her Great-Grandmother and to find out truths about her past. Unfortunately she finds out that she is related to Michael Myers and that she has been in danger since birth, and at high risk of a family reunion ever since. Has Emma come to Haddonfield to die? Will this be the end of the Myers’ family bloodline?

We’ll update you on any progress as this looks like a super fun project that we really hope happens.


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