WORLD OF DEATH Ep. 62 - Curtains: Linens Unleashed! / Zombies Vs. Vampires... Over Beer - Bloody Disgusting
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WORLD OF DEATH Ep. 62 – Curtains: Linens Unleashed! / Zombies Vs. Vampires… Over Beer



Greetings, WOD Watchers.

Happy pending St. Patrick’s day to all!  We’re back on the eve of the Irish day of debauchery and inebriation to bring you some fun, campy horror.  What goes better with a few beers than some cheesy terror mixed with well-timed humor?  This brings me back to the first time I ever saw Jennifer Aniston and knew I was in love.  No, not the pilot episode of Friends. FUCKING Leprechaun!  Casting Willow himself, Warwick Davis, as the Leprechaun, he brought to life one of the most underappreciated monsters of the genre in the last 30 years.  Armed with shitty limericks and magic, he wreaks havoc on the countryside in search of his missing gold.  We may not have Warwick’s gold, but we do have these two films today.  And in our world, all films are worth their weight in gold.

Our first golden nugget is Curtains: Linens Unleashed, directed by Emmett Loverde.  This one is in the style of a campy sci-fi/horror trailer about what happens when the world’s fabrics take over and start killing their makers.  Blankets, laundry, rugs, gloves, hats, towels, washcloths, and of course curtains all start killing the human race while a group of scientists and patrons try to find a way to defeat them.  I really enjoy the overall tone of this flick because it doesn’t take itself seriously.  From the sketchy and over-the-top acting to the fishing lines dragging linens around on screen, it maintains a tongue planted firmly in cheek.  It’s a fun watch with some perfectly timed jokes.  Who doesn’t love a granny holding up a pair of edible panties??

Bringing up the rear is Zombies vs. Vampires, by director Eric Breitenbach.  This one ties in our St. Patrick’s Day theme by taking us to a bar where four friends are having some beers.  They get into a heated discussion over who’s scarier; a zombie or a vampire.  When one of the friends breaks off to take a leak, he encounters the definitive proof of who the bigger baddie is.  This movie could definitely benefit from a boost in sound quality, but once you jack up the volume, there are actually some good bits of dialogue, mixed in with some brutal insults.  It’s like Troma’s B squad meets Kevin Smith’s B squad.  Just keep an open mind and throw down a couple shots of Jameson before viewing.
So that’s all for now, folks.  Keep watching and stay safe this weekend.  If you see a little dude dressed in green speaking in rhythmic riddles and looking for his gold, don’t approach him!  It’s either a murderous leprechaun or a local rapper trying to sell you a mixtape.  There’s some free advice.
Stay safe and watch responsibly!
– Dominick DeLuca

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