[Updated] Original Filming Location Turned into Retro Haddonfield for 'Halloween' 2018? - Bloody Disgusting
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[Updated] Original Filming Location Turned into Retro Haddonfield for ‘Halloween’ 2018?



UPDATE: These appear to be “American Horror Story” Season 7 set photos, which are interesting in their own right. What are they using the locations for? It should make for some fun Easter Egg hunting this fall when the FX series returns.

Last we heard, production was expected to begin this coming Fall on director David Gordon Green‘s new Halloween film for Blumhouse, but some interesting photographs came across our desk today that we just had to share with you.

*Something* began filming over the weekend on Orange Grove Avenue in West Hollywood, which played the role of the fictional Haddonfield in John Carpenter‘s original film. The iconic original houses were restored to their late ’70s glory for what we can only assume is either a teaser for the film or the film itself. The photos come courtesy of mega fan Steve Piacenza, who told us that members of the crew confirmed to him that whatever was going on was tied to the 2018 Halloween film.

Was there watching for a couple nights,” Piacenza told me today. “They turned the sets back to the 1978 neighborhood.They emptied out both Annie’s house and the Wallace house. Talked to a few people working on the movie – it’s definitely Halloween.”

He continued, “The entire block was blocked off and the entire neighborhood was sprayed with frost. The babysitter house/the Wallace house. And the murder house/Annie’s house. In the two featured homes, they emptied out home furnishings and put in the retro furniture. Friday night they filmed an ice cream truck with a mother and son walking across the street before disappearing behind the house. A loud scream [was heard]. Huge production. They filmed Thursday and Friday.”

I talked to a few people working on the movie. They confirmed that it’s Halloween 2018,” Piacenza added. “Was it a teaser or promotion? I have no idea.”

Check out Steve’s set photos below!

We’ll return to Haddonfield on October 19, 2018.