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Grotesque ‘Alien: Covenant’ Drawings Suggest What Happened to Shaw



Spoilers for those who haven’t yet seen Alien: Covenant.

One of the big reveals in Alien: Covenant was that David killed Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) at some point during the 10-year span between the events of Prometheus and the arrival of the Covenant crew. Oddly, however, we didn’t actually find out exactly WHAT David did to her. Rather, it was strongly suggested that he performed all sorts of crazy mad scientist experiments on her, presumably allowing him to perfect the formula for creating the egg that of course eventually gave rise to the very first Xenomorph.

Does that make Shaw the original Queen? That’s the theory many fans have, but we may have to wait until the next film to find out for sure. In the meantime, artist Matt Hatton’s Alien: Covenant concept art just hit the net via, giving us a bit more insight into what went on in Shaw’s final days.

Hatton’s drawings are actually David’s drawings, some which were ever-so-briefly glimpsed in the movie. They show either what David did to Shaw or at least planned on doing to her, and it’s all pretty gnarly. What can we deduce from the drawings? Well, Shaw was definitely the bridge between the Engineers’ deadly black goo and the creation of the superior organism known as the Xenomorph.

Check out David’s gruesome art below.

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