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Evil Clown Stalks ‘Behind the Sightings’ Art Poster



Alan Robert, bassist for Life of Agony and the artists behind popular IDW titles including “The Beauty of Horror” coloring book, shared with Bloody this awesome art poster for the psychological thriller film Behind the Sightings, which is based on 112 hours of found footage of clown sightings, recorded in 2016.

It was announced a few weeks ago that executive producer, Tommy Vlahopoulos of Tommy V Films, along with executive producer Tom Sulkowski, had acquired the rights to Tony Cadwell‘s film that follows Todd and Jessica Smith, two filmmakers from Raleigh in North Carolina, who set out to produce a documentary exploring the highly publicized, creepy clown sighting epidemic, which was investigated by local law enforcement. As the young married couple venture into Peachtree Way, Nash County, in search of clowns, what they found was far from funny.

The Behind the Sightings feature film is set to be released later this year.

Watch the trailer debut here.


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