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‘Annabelle: Creation’ Star Lulu Wilson Continues to Shine in the Horror Genre



Lulu Wilson is only 11 years old, but she’s quickly building a reputation as an outstanding actor. And after last year’s Ouija: Origin of Evil, she already has a critically acclaimed horror film under her belt. Despite the negative reception to the original Annabelle film, knowing that she had signed on to work with Lights Out director David F. Sandberg made it so that I couldn’t help but be excited for its sequel, Annabelle: Creation.

Now that the Ouija and Annabelle universes both have quality films under their belt, I wanted to know which one Wilson likes better. We talked about that and more during a chat we had this week.

I don’t know, that’s hard to choose because they’re both very different. I have never thought about this before, now I’m torn,” Wilson told me “The Ouija universe is a lot smaller and the Conjuring/Annabelle universe is a lot bigger so I feel like I’m right in between. I love both of them.”

Wilson’s character, Dorris, in Origin of Evil gave her the chance to play a devilishly evil little girl, but in Annabelle: Creation she plays one of the heroes. I thought it would be fun to hear which role she liked better.

They’re very different because the bad guy is the bad guy, she’s the one making all the bad things happen instead of trying to save the day, that’s what my character was doing in Ouija,” she explained. “I feel like…I like being the bad guy a lot, it’s a lot of fun and I did all these crazy stunts, climbing on walls and ceilings and things and that’s a lot of fun but also, being the good guy is also good because you kind of taste everything. You have a little bit of the evil and a little bit of the good.”

Annabelle: Creation has a wide breadth of terrifying scenes, and Wilson is front and center in many of them, so naturally I had to ask which one scared her the most when she was watching the film.

I don’t want to give anything away but probably a lot of the scenes with Janice (Talitha Bateman) because she’s the scary one, the scariest of them all,” Wilson noted. “A lot of scenes with the doll as well but just the doll in general. It’s creepy, realistic, too realistic. It’s crazy.”

With three horror films behind her, the last thing I wanted to know was if she’d be sticking with the genre. She said, “I feel like it would be nice to branch out a little bit because I’ve been sticking with one genre a lot, so I would probably like to do more comedy and maybe some fantasy. I think that would be a lot of fun.”

She may be ready to branch out, but when I asked Wilson if she’d be up for reprising her Creation role, she seemed excited by the thought. “I do, because [Linda] is an awesome, strong character that I feel like can fight more,” she told me

Personally, I’d be happy to see Linda return in a future film in The Conjuring‘s universe. It’s never explicitly stated what year Annabelle: Creation takes place in, but there’s at least a few years between the new prequel to a prequel and its predecessor that can be filled in with another movie.

Annabelle: Creation is in theaters today, August 11.