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‘The Oath’ Trailer Kickstarts a Heart for Revenge (Exclusive)



Icelandic director/producer Baltasar Kormakur will see the release of his psychological thriller The Oath on September 8th via Gunpowder & Sky.

Penned by Olafur Egilsson and co-written Kormakur:

The Oath tells the harrowing tale of a driven father who sets out to rescue his daughter from a world of petty crime and drug use, only to find that danger isn’t always in plain sight.”

“It’s about one man who has it all and another who has nothing to lose. Such opposing lives, who’s paths should never have crossed but who are now tangled up in each other’s futures,” Kormakur told Variety back in 2015.

Kormakur produced The Oath, along with Agnes Johansen with his Reykjavik-based RVK Studios banner.


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