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Dan Bush Shares Crucial Clip From ‘The Vault’ (Exclusive)



Ahead of the September 1st limited theatrical and VOD release, FilmRise has just provided us with an exclusive new clip from The Signal director Dan Bush’s supernatural horror film The Vault, which follows two estranged sisters who rob a bank in order to save their brother.

“This is actually the decisive moment in the beginning of the movie,” Bush tells Bloody Disgusting. “It’s the inciting incident in the story – the moment our leading ladies accept the call to action. It happens late and gives us an opportunity to meet our family of bank-robbers: Michael (Scott Haze), Leah (Francesca Eastwood) and Vee (Taryn Manning), and to introduce our “inside man” Ed Maas (James Franco).

“I love the contrast and conflict we see between Lea and Vee here,” he adds. “It’s a microcosm of the bigger picture. Leah is ex- military. She is strategic and precise – a control freak. Meanwhile, Vee is a force of chaos, a trickster – wild and unpredictable.”

Here’s the footage!

In the film described as “The Sixth Sense meets The Town.”

In order to save their brother Michael’s life, the Dillon sisters, Leah and Vee have organized a bank robbery, but when the upstairs vault doesn’t have enough money to cover Michael’s debt, on the advice of Assistant Bank Manager Ed Maas, they drill into the downstairs vault. But the bank’s basement hides a terrible secret and before long, the Dillons have to choose whether to face the police outside or the terrible supernatural forces in the vault below.

The Vault boasts an impressive cast, including up-and-coming star Francesca Eastwood (M.F.A., Final Girl) with James Franco (Rise of the Planet of the ApesAlien: Covenant), Taryn Manning, Scott Haze, Q’Orianka Kilcher and Clifton Collins Jr.

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