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‘Beetlejuice’ Sequel Still in Development at Warner Bros.

‘Beetlejuice’ Sequel Still in Development at Warner Bros.

Michael Keaton‘s performance as Beetlejuice was so iconic that it’s a shame we’ve never seen the “ghost with the most” back on the big screen. It’s nice that Tim Burton moved on to different things, but it’s the one franchise that has always begged for a follow-up, especially when you consider the rich, untapped mythology that was never realized.

Thankfully, Warner Bros. continues to push forward on a Beetlejuice sequel, even if it may never come to fruition. Deadline says that the latest development – after Seth Grahame-Smith completed a screenplay five-freaking-years ago – is that the studio has hired Mike Vukadinovich to rewrite the screenplay. There’s no explanation of what “rewrite” means but it sounds as if they’re reworking an existing screenplay, although this could mean a “page 1” rewrite. Ugh. I’m losing my mind.

Vukadinovich’s most recent film work is Rememory, a science-fiction drama that premiered at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year and was acquired by Lionsgate.

As for director Tim Burton and star Michael Keaton,  no deals are anywhere done but the site hears that the two — who are currently working on Dumbo at Disney — have been excited at the thought of collaborating on a sequel.

The original Beetlejuice was directed by Burton in 1988 and has become a cult favorite.  It starred Alec Baldwin and Geena Davis as ghosts who haunt their old home. When a little girl (Winona Ryder) accidentally unleashes a mischievous ghost (Keaton), the ghosts try to drive the homeowners (Catherine O’Hara and Jeffrey Jones) out of the house.



  • Khy

    Better they take their time and do it right.

    • Bart Crowe

      Next year will be the 30th Anniversary of Beetlejuice. If they couldn’t get a sequel together in three decades maybe just leave it alone.

  • ScaryLarryV

    Do we really need a new Beetlejuice. It might be cool if it was done in clay like Nightmare before Christmas or something different.

  • Flu-Like Symptoms

    I’d be up for it. For me, Michael Keaton never fails to deliver in anything he’s in. Hell, I sat and watched a movie about freakin’ McDonald’s because he was in it and I enjoyed it. Beetlejuice 2 would be like Christmas was when I was a kid.

  • Mmmh the first one works pretty damn fine (even as a stand slone movie). I don’t want another long overdue sequel

  • Gabbi Cordero

    of course WB is working on it now that IT hit it big. god forbid they do something original instead of remakes

    • Reece Catlin

      after 100+ years of film nothing is “original” anymore.

      • Gabbi Cordero

        that’s a great defeatist attitude to adopt. it’s impossible to innovate or be original because you were told as much by people who don’t want to. perfect little millennial to cater to

  • Warner Bros style.

    Nothing new.

  • Sky Commander

    Maybe it’s just time to just let this go already I mean I feel like this was something that should have been done by 2004 at the latest now it just seems sad. Need I remind everyone of Dumb and Dumber 2

    • Tan Shearer

      I really don’t see the problem with leaving the film as it is. I would prefer a remake to a sequel tbh because at least if they mess up which is highly likely they’re still 2 separate entities and it doesn’t harm the original in any way.

      • Sky Commander

        I can agree with that I mean there is currently only 4 films where I’m like shut up and take my money for a sequel Lethal weapon 5, Hellboy 3, The Final Girls 2, and last but certainly not least an honest to god Ghostbusters 3 though it’d have to be a Jurassic World or Star Wars Force Awakens grade “Re-quel” because the time for the 4 of them to get back together ended in 2006.

        • Tan Shearer

          I think it was the director that said the Ghostbusters video game was “basically the 3rd film”.

          • Sky Commander

            Yeah I know and as much as I love the game I’d still have rather had another live action film though

  • Reece Catlin

    Love this movie, but I’m not getting my hopes up, they have been talking about a sequel since 2010

    • Tan Shearer

      I think they should just leave it as a single film now. It’s been too long.

  • Fred

    We already saw Tim Burton do a new Beetlejuice a few years ago when he did Dark Shadows, and it was terrible. I love Tim Burton, but he’s lost his magic touch years ago. Frankenweenie being the exception, of course. Keaton still has it, and i’m sure would still be awesome, which just makes it even worse.

    • Tan Shearer

      It’s been too long if they were going to do it they should have done it in the early 90’s max. They’re all old, a few of the main cast are dead, 1 of them is now a convicted sex offender. Not to mention films are made differently and look different to how they did back then. Part of the magic of Beetlejuice was the 80’s feel which can’t really be replicated in modern films.

  • Tan Shearer

    It’s been too long now, they’re better off just leaving it as it is now. A 2017+ sequel just wouldn’t be the same as say a 1989 or early 90’s sequel. Not to mention Glenn Shadix (Otho) and Sylvia Sidney (Juno) are dead and Jeffrey Jones (Charles) is a convicted sex offender. It would be pretty depressing seeing them all old now plus the first film ended perfectly. Can’t we just let a good thing exist as a single entity?

    Also it was the Maitlands that accidentally released Betelgeuse not Lydia.

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