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‘Splitfoot’ Enters the First Documented Haunted House



Antonio Campos (Afterschool, Simon Killer, Christine) has signed on to re-write and direct the upcoming horror film, Splitfoot (f.k.a Voices Through The Trumpet), based on a 1936 article in The New Yorker about the first documented haunted house written by journalist and bestselling author Carl Carmer, Deadline reports.

It follows the true story of a deeply damaged New Yorker reporter who, in the 1930s, travels upstate to the remote town of Lilydale, NY, the Mecca of American Spirituality, a place where a person can’t even buy property without proof that they talk to the dead. Cynical about the prospects of the spirit world, the temptation of contacting his dead son leaves the reporter vulnerable to something much more dangerous than the dead.

The BurrowersJT Petty wrote the original draft.

Fox Searchlight developed the film and will distribute. Dawn Ostroff and Jeremy Steckler of Condé Nast Entertainment are producing the project along with Denise DiNovi, while David Greenbaum and DanTram Nguyen will oversee production for Searchlight.