'48 Meters Down' Swims to a Summer 2019 Release Date - Bloody Disgusting
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’48 Meters Down’ Swims to a Summer 2019 Release Date



Originally set for a direct-to-video release, Johannes Roberts’ 47 Meters Down was smartly released into theaters instead, grossing $44 million at the domestic box office this past Summer. And it wasn’t long before a sequel was announced, which now has a release date.

We’ve learned today that 48 Meters Down, again being directed by Johannes Roberts, will be released by Entertainment Studios Motion Pictures on June 28, 2019.

“48 Meters Down takes place in Brazil with five young women from different backgrounds and countries united by their lust for life and adventure in the coastal metropolis of Recife. In an attempt to get off the tourist trail, they decide to explore a hidden underwater ruin but the caves where the forgotten city lies are inhabited by the deadliest shark species in the ocean.”

Roberts is writing the script with his collaborator on 47 Meters Down, Ernest Riera.

Producers are James Harris, Mark Lane, Wayne Marc Godfrey, and Robert Jones of the Fyzz Facility. Altitude Film Sales will be an executive producer on the sequel.

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