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Infographic Map Shows Most Popular Horror Movie in Every State



The most searched horror movie across the US? Surprisingly, The Ring!

What we love about Halloween is that EVERYONE suddenly embraces horror movies for a couple weeks, which always puts a smile on our face. Sure, we celebrate horror and the spirit of Halloween every single day of the year here on Bloody Disgusting, but it’s fun to see that party grow in the month of October.

On that note, the team at have brought their own dose of horror fun to the table this Halloween season, using Google Trends data to see which horror films captured the attention of which states. They then turned that data into an infographic map, showcasing which movie is most popular in each state.

  •  The Texas Chainsaw Massacre came in as top searched in Texas
  • Night of the Living Dead in the top for Pennsylvania
  • Jaws was (of course) the favorite in Hawaii
  • Alien was most searched in Alaska

“The Ring, a scary film about watching a scary film, was the top horror movie in eighteen states. That’s the most states by far. The next-closest movie was The Silence of the Lambs, which was the most popular horror movie in five states. Sure, some people might say The Silence of the Lambs isn’t a horror movie, but we’re not here to debate that.”

Additionally, the team conducted a survey about when people started watching scary movies and which ones they find the scariest. The three scariest horror movies ever made, according to this research? This year’s IT, The Exorcist, and the original Saw.

Check out the map below and head over to for the full results!