'Jason Goes to Hell' Director Says Jason is Canonically an 'Evil Dead' Deadite! - Bloody Disgusting
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‘Jason Goes to Hell’ Director Says Jason is Canonically an ‘Evil Dead’ Deadite!



Some fan theories, well, they’re actually true.

For years, fans have been speculating that Jason Voorhees is actually what’s known within the Evil Dead franchise as a Deadite, and that’s all been fueled by 1993’s Jason Goes to Hell. Not only did the film tease a battle between Jason and Freddy, but it also came with a pretty interesting Easter egg: the Necronomicon-Ex Mortis in the Voorhees basement.

Was it just a fun tribute or something more? According to director Adam Marcus in a new chat with Horror Geek Life, it was intended to be something more than a simple nod!

[I] wanted to create a mythology for Jason in this movie, because it had driven me nuts as a viewer,” Marcus explained, speaking specifically about Jason magically growing from a small boy to a full-grown, unstoppable monster in such a short period of time. “She [Pamela Voorhees] makes a deal with the devil by reading from the Necronomicon to bring back her son. This is why Jason isn’t Jason. He’s Jason plus The Evil Dead, and now I can believe that he can go from a little boy that lives in a lake, to a full grown man in a couple of months, to Zombie Jason, to never being able to kill this guy. That, to me, is way more interesting as a mashup, and [Sam] Raimi loved it!

Marcus continued, “It’s not like I could tell New Line my plan to include The Evil Dead, because they don’t own The Evil Dead. So it had to be an Easter egg, and I did focus on it…there’s a whole scene that includes the book, and I hoped people would get it and could figure out that’s what I’m up to. So yes, in my opinion, Jason Voorhees is a Deadite. He’s one of The Evil Dead.

It absolutely is canon.

Maybe that shared slashers universe we wrote about wasn’t such a crazy idea after all.