New Fan-Made 'Friday the 13th' Poster Has a Really Cool Hidden Image - Bloody Disgusting
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New Fan-Made ‘Friday the 13th’ Poster Has a Really Cool Hidden Image



Who could ever forget the final moments of Friday the 13th, where survivor Alice is resting in a canoe on the lake. Serene music promises that Alice’s night of terror is far behind her; after all, Mrs. Voorhees has been beheaded.

But the serenity is violently shattered by the arrival of a deformed young boy named Jason Voorhees, who jumps out from the lake and pulls Alice under the water.

It’s only a nightmare, but it was our first glimpse of a horror icon.

Artist Scott Hopko has paid tribute to that iconic jump scare with this brand new alternate poster for Friday the 13th, which similarly surprises with an appearance from young Jason.

Do you see him? Check out the poster below and scroll down further for the reveal!