Young Boy Went to Dentist on Halloween Dressed as Annabelle and it's Everything - Bloody Disgusting
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Young Boy Went to Dentist on Halloween Dressed as Annabelle and it’s Everything



Sorry, doctor who delivered a baby dressed as the Joker. You’ve been bested.

Halloween is the one day of the year where everyone is encouraged to become someone else, which results in some pretty humorous public sightings. I’ll never forget taking a train into NYC last Halloween, surrounded by people casually sitting around in their costumes. On any other day, a bizarre experience. On October 31, no one bat an eye.

On that note, a young boy has gone viral this week after his mother published a series of Halloween photos that showcase the most bizarre trip to the dentist we’ve ever seen. This past Halloween, you see, the awesome mom decked out her son in a full-on Annabelle costume. During a party, however, she realized something.

She had made a dentist appointment for her son on that very day.

Not wanting him to skip the appointment, and not having enough time to get him out of his costume, the mom decided to take her son to the dentist… as Annabelle!

She dubbed him “The Saddest Annabelle” in a social media post, a nickname that’s all too fitting. Needless to say, the boy was not happy to be spending Halloween in a dentist chair.

Here’s hoping someday he looks back and smiles as wide as we are right now!