Tom Sizemore Removed From 'The Door', But Still Starring in 'Made Vicious' - Bloody Disgusting
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Tom Sizemore Removed From ‘The Door’, But Still Starring in ‘Made Vicious’



Global Genesis Group, the production company behind upcoming horror-thriller The Door, has dropped Tom Sizemore as the film’s male lead after recent sexual misconduct allegations against Sizemore regarding an 11-year-old actress on the set of Born Killers in 2003, Deadline reports this afternoon. The production company said The Door will now recast.

Global Genesis said it was removing Sizemore because of the allegations, though production on the film will move forward. Sizemore was removed from the Born Killers set in 2003 for allegedly touching the genitals of an 11-year-old actress while seated on his lap.

On the other hand, Deadline also reports that, despite the allegations against, Made Vicious indie producers are sticking with the actor as they consider their options.

“Tom Sizemore is still in Made Vicious, as his character has already finished shooting,” the production team said in a statement to the site. “The producers have been made aware of the allegation, and as a low-budget indie film, they are currently assessing their options.”

Made Vicious, written and directed by David Prindle, “Follows Jim a grieving widower who has to find the strength to save his daughter after trespassing teens awaken a long forgotten monster. Sizemore, who plays malevolent mobster Victor, recently shot some pick-up scenes for the film.

In The Door, “In the late ’50s, Dr. Lazarus Saint was conducting horrific experiments until a suspicious house fire killed Saint and his young son Vincent. In present day, Scott and Rebecca Johnson move into the old Saint house. When people who visit start dying, Rebecca discovers the ghost of Vincent who warns her that Scott is becoming the dead Lazarus. Rebecca realizes she is doomed unless she can stop him.

Global Genesis is producing the project and handling distribution. The company recently produced the horror film Escape Room starring Skeet Ulrich which is scheduled to be released next year.