Andy Muschietti Shares Awesome Concept Sketch for "Killmouth" Scene in 'IT' - Bloody Disgusting
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Andy Muschietti Shares Awesome Concept Sketch for “Killmouth” Scene in ‘IT’



When Stephen King’s IT was first adapted, it was turned into a made-for-TV miniseries that wasn’t exactly allowed to be as graphic, or as terrifying, as King’s novel. But the book’s second adaptation, this year’s Andy Muschietti-directed feature film, well, it was an “R” rated movie that pulled no punches.

And unfortunately for Georgie, he got the worst of it.

Taking the 1990 adaptation’s “Pennywise meets Georgie” scene to a whole new level of terror, poor Georgie has his arm gruesomely ripped off by Pennywise in graphic detail in Muschietti’s IT, before being dragged down into the killer clown’s underground domain. It was one of the most shocking scenes of the year… even if you were expecting it.

Over on his Instagram, Muschietti just shared some early concept art he drew for that scene, which he jokingly describes as “one of the comedic highlights of the film.”

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