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Gaze Upon the Awful ‘You Shall Not Sleep’ Poster Art



Take a look at this horrendous international poster art for Gustavo Hernández’s next horror film, You Shall Not Sleep (No Dormirás). It tells us nothing about the movie, displaying an older woman being seductive(?), while a younger girl sits emotionless. There’s a building behind them, which I guess they sleep/live/work in? The exterior lights shine across the old woman’s uterus, which the young girl’s head is hovering over. Subliminal imagery or just a super crappy Photoshop job? Probably the latter.

In You Shall Not Sleep,

In an abandoned psychiatric hospital, an avant-garde theater group experimented with insomnia for the preparation of the montage of a work created twenty years ago by a group of patients. With the passage of days without sleep, they reach new thresholds of perception, that face them to energize and histories hidden of the place… 

“When Bianca, a young promise of the theater, joins the cast, competing for the lead role, must survive not only the intensity of work and her companions, but an unknown force that pushes her, like the others, to the tragic Denouement of the original staging.” Belén Rueda, Eva De Dominici, and Natalia de Molina star.

One of the most underrated of the found-footage craze was Hernández‘s festival hit La Casa Muda, which was eventually remade here in the States under the title The Silent House starring Elizabeth Olsen.