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Joel David Moore is Remaking ‘Hide and Seek’



Hatchet and Avatar star Joel David Moore has been set to adapt and direct Hide and Seek, an English-language remake of the 2013 Korean horror-thriller that is now in the works at CJ Entertainment, reports Deadline. The original, written and directed by Huh Jung, grossed more than $35 million in Korea when it was released by Next Entertainment World.

The original Hide and Seek was a social horror-thriller that centered on a man searching for his long-lost brother who stumbles upon a secret world of squatters living in the homes of unsuspecting tenants — a revelation that becomes all the more menacing when his home becomes the next target.

This film explored the question of “what if” when those in society left marginalized decide to take matters into their own hands.

Hide and Seek is a sharp, sophisticated thriller that created a lasting imprint on me,” Moore said. “I wanted to explore what could happen if we retold this story to an American audience, using the tools from the original story. We found a rich and complex world, relevant to our current race, class and power struggles we’re seeing here in America.”


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