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What Does Ira’s Toys from ‘Silent Night, Deadly Night’ Look Like Today?



It’s always Christmas… in Ira’s Toys.

There are so many things I love about Silent Night, Deadly Night, but right at the top of that list is the Ira’s Toys location, where a sizable portion of the film takes place. Named after producer Ira Barmak, Ira’s Toys is where we first meet the adult Billy Chapman, and it’s inside the toy shop that Billy begins his holiday killing spree… as “Santa.”

Why do I love that portion of the film so much? Because Ira’s Toys is jam-packed with awesome vintage toys from the ’70s and ’80s – I spot new ones every time I watch!

The building that housed the fictional Ira’s Toys – which, I can only assume, was an actual toy store at the time – was located on 151 North Main Street in Heber City, Utah, the city where much of the film was shot. So what ever became of that building? Not only does it still stand today, but it has become a gym in the years since Silent Night, Deadly Night!

Over 30 years later, Scream Factory’s new bonus feature “Silent Night, Deadly Night Filming Locations – Then & Now” informs us that the fictional Ira’s Toys is now The Mountain Gym, a crossfit gym that looks a whole lot different from Ira’s on the inside but surprisingly much the same on the outside – with a simple sign change, some Christmas lights and a bit of falling snow, you’d be right back at Ira’s Toys in an instant!

Yes, you can now work out in Ira’s Toys. How cool is that?!