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The “Home Video Horrors” 2018 Calendar Celebrates Horror VHS Box Art



Inject vintage VHS art directly into your eyeballs, all year long!

One fan who has been doing a kickass job keeping the spirit of VHS alive is Josh Schafer, the man behind Lunchmeat Magazine. In his never-ending quest to make sure those video shops of our youth never truly go away, Schafer created the “Home Video Horrors” calendar last year, a year-long tribute to the VHS box covers we’re all so nostalgic for.

This year, Home Video Horrors is back for Volume 2!

“LUNCHMEAT and photographer extraordinaire Jacky Lawrence proudly present HOME VIDEO HORRORS VOL. 2: an all-new 12-month, full-color calendar for 2018 collecting an eye-popping selection of the most spectacular slabs of cult VHS horror ever to stalk the video store!

Featuring the phenomenal photography of visual artist Jacky Lawrence, each month vibrantly celebrates a different VHS video cover, thoughtfully set in a scene reflective of the film’s content!

The date grid for each month is also pumped up with a bunch of too groovy celebration indications for an array of special days ranging from National VCR Day to Tortilla Chip Day to Elvira’s Birthday! What’s more, there’s a sweet chunk of home video and horror-driven trivia attached to each month! DIG ON IT!

The HOME VIDEO HORRORS VOL. 2 calendar measures approx. 8.5 X 11 inches closed and 17 x 11 inches opened and is printed on high quality, full-color semi-gloss paper.”

Only 100 calendars are being printed, so be sure to grab yours as soon as possible through the Lunchmeat Magazine website. They cost just $17 each and are selling fast!

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