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The ‘Slender Man’ Drips Onto the Haunting First Poster!



Can you see him?

The first studio incarnation of the chilling Slender Man is haunting theaters May 18, 2018, through Sony Screen Germs. This haunting teaser poster gives us our first look at the creepypasta-come-to-life, although he’s  still hiding in the shadows. Maybe he’ll appear when the trailer drops tomorrow morning?

The Conjuring and Wish Upon‘s Joey King and Julia Goldani Telles star in the Sylvain White-directed pic that centers on a tall thin horrifying figure with a featureless face that is responsible for the haunting, stalking and disappearance of countless victims.

Also starring are Captain Fantastic actress Annalise BassoJaz Sinclair (When The Bough Breaks), and Alex Fitzalan.

White directed the absolutely phenomenal Stomp the Yard for Sony back in 2007, which led to Losers in 2010. He’s been directing a lot of TV since then – “Sleepy Hollow”, “Hawaii Five-0”, “MacGuyver”, “Rush Hour” – although he’s the kind of visionary best suited for feature films.

Slender Man is depicted as a lanky, faceless figure in a black suit, and was created for a paranormal photo contest on the Something Awful forum. It grew to fame following the reports that violent acts were being committed in his name, including a much-publicized story of two 12-year-old girls in Wisconsin who lured a friend into the woods and nearly fatally stabbed her.


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