Neill Blomkamp is Next Turning Either 'Firebase' or 'Zygote' into Feature Film - Bloody Disgusting
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Neill Blomkamp is Next Turning Either ‘Firebase’ or ‘Zygote’ into Feature Film



But what about that Aliens sequel? No, it’s probably never happening.

Neill Blomkamp may not have released a feature film last year, but if you’re asking me, he did something way cooler. Blomkamp launched Oats Studios in 2017, a bold new creative venture that’s allowing him to work outside the Hollywood studio system and let his creativity truly run free. Through the Oats label, Blomkamp released a handful of incredible sci-fi/horror shorts last year, including the insane Firebase and the terrifying monster movie, Zygote.

This year, Blomkamp is looking to begin production on a feature length expansion of one of those shorts. Over on Twitter, Blomkamp announced that his next move will either be crowd-funding Firebase as a feature film or developing/crowd-funding Zygote as Oats’ first feature.

Blomkamp even set up a poll on Twitter last night, asking his fans which they’d rather see first. With over 3,000 votes, Firebase is currently in the lead with 51% of those votes.

No matter which film he makes first, Blomkamp says he plans on crowd-funding feature film expansions of both Firebase and Zygote, as well as Rakka.

If crowdfund works… expect hopefully a continuous stream of unrestricted sci-fi/horror/fantasy. Just have to get the engine started,” Blomkamp recently tweeted.

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