Why Samuel L. Jackson's 'Jurassic Park' Death Was Never Filmed - Bloody Disgusting
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Why Samuel L. Jackson’s ‘Jurassic Park’ Death Was Never Filmed



Hold onto your butts.

Making a movie is hard, even with hundreds of millions of dollars. There are so many things that can go wrong, which can make or break a film’s final product.

While we usually never know what went wrong behind the scenes of a production, it’s fun to learn about the chaos that erupted on some of the most successful films. Yes, even Steven Spielberg has had his share of problems.

Jurassic Park costar Samuel L. Jackson shares this wonderful anecdote in which he reveals why his character’s death wasn’t on screen. The culprit? A hurricane.

“I was actually supposed to go to Hawaii, to shoot my death scene, but there was a hurricane that destroyed all the sets, so I didn’t get to go. All you see is the residue of my body, my arm. But, yeah, I was supposed to be on set.”

Hurricane Iniki was the worst storm to ever hit Hawaii, noted MovieWeb, who shared the AV Club quote. As for Jackson, he portrayed the chief engineer, John “Ray” Arnold, who falls prey to the island’s velociraptors, “as revealed in an unforgettably gruesome scene where Laura Dern’s Dr. Ellie Sattler character discovers his bloody, severed arm in an abandoned electronics shed.”