Concept Artist Shares 'Ghostbusters' Designs Not Used in the Reboot - Bloody Disgusting
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Concept Artist Shares ‘Ghostbusters’ Designs Not Used in the Reboot



Yes, there were originally going to be scary clown ghosts in the film!

Brought to our attention by the must-follow Facebook page Proton Charging, a celebration of the entire Ghostbusters franchise, concept artist Tully Summers has recently been sharing his conceptual designs for Paul Feig’s reboot of the classic horror-comedy, which of course was the subject of a whole lot of hate back in 2016.

Summers, who also worked on Cloverfield, The Dark Knight Rises and Passengers, has shared a handful of unused ghost designs that he whipped up for the project a few years back; Summers was tasked with designing new ghosts and even redesigning Slimer.

Of course, Slimer was ultimately brought to the screen in his iconic classic form in the Ghostbusters remake, but Summers’ redesign would’ve made him way more terrifying.

This was my Slimer redesign back when the ghosts were more alien,” Summers explains. “He’s intended to break out of the Gangster ghost. Sliming everyone with his dangling entrails and eating everything with rows of revolving teeth. Production eventually decided to go with the good old classic design from the first film.”

Summers also designed a high-tech “Ecto 2” RV that the Ghostbusters were going to ride around in at one point, but which was ultimately scrapped entirely from the film.

Check out the concept art below and see more on Summers’ ArtStation page.