Willem Dafoe Will Star in 'The Witch' Director's 'The Lighthouse' - Bloody Disgusting
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Willem Dafoe Will Star in ‘The Witch’ Director’s ‘The Lighthouse’



Ever since his breakout success with debut feature The Witch back in 2015, we’ve been wondering what’s next for Robert Eggers. A couple projects have come up with Eggers attached to them, including a new take on Nosferatu, but we haven’t heard anything concrete about his followup feature. Until today, that is.

THR reports that Willem Dafoe will star in The Lighthouse, a horror film being written and directed by, you guessed it, Robert Eggers!

The film is about an aging lighthouse keeper, and Dafoe is in talks to play that character, named Old. It takes place in Nova Scotia in the early 20th century.

RT Features will produce for A24 and New Regency.

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