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Meet the ‘Riot Girls’ In An Adult-Free Post-Apocalyptic World!



Bloody Disgusting has the first ever photos from XX director Jovanka Vuckovic‘s post-apocalyptic horror Riot Girls, courtesy of AMP International.

“Four years after a mysterious illness killed all the adults, the town of Potter’s Bluff has been divided into two rival factions, the East side, made up of scrappy scavengers living amongst the ruins, and the West side which hoards its wealth in the former high school and is ruled by Jeremy, a brutal dictator.  When Jack, an eastsider, is forced to kill two westsiders while on a scavenging mission, he is captured and taken back to the West side where he awaits public execution.  Jack’s sister, Nat, and her best friend, Scratch, must cross into dangerous territory if they have any hope of saving him.  Their treacherous journey reveals not only the power of their love, but the depths of their courage.

From an EP on Insidious, the film stars Madison Iseman, Paloma Kwiatkowski, Alexandre Bourgeois, and Jenny Raven.

Vuckovic won the 2012 Fantasia Film Festival Best Short award for The Captured Bird(pictured), which was executive produced by Guillermo del Toro. She also wrote and directed a segment for XX, the all-female horror anthology produced by XYZ Films to be released by Magnet Releasing in 2017. She’s scheduled to direct the feature adaptation of Clive Barker’s Jacqueline Ess as well as All My Heroes Are Dead, a thriller based on an original screenplay by Vuckovic.

“I’ve always been attracted to films that break the rules,” said Vuckovic when announced earlier last year. “Riot Girls isn’t a simple post-apocalypse tale, a violent survivalist horror story, a queer romance, or a kids adventure film – it’s all of those things blended together beautifully. I look forward to bringing Katherine’s genre-bending, coming-of-rage love story to life onscreen.”

Riot Girls is written by Katherine Collins who was a writer on the first season of the NBC hit Blindspot.


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