Kane Hodder Reveals the Surprising Way He Had a Cameo in 'Freddy vs. Jason' - Bloody Disgusting
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Kane Hodder Reveals the Surprising Way He Had a Cameo in ‘Freddy vs. Jason’



I’ve seen the film a few dozen times and never noticed this.

One of the bummers of Freddy vs. Jason is that it brought back Robert Englund but not Kane Hodder, as it was seemingly the perfect opportunity to bring Englund and Hodder together for the mash-up fans had truly been begging for. Hodder was instead replaced by Ken Kirzinger, who himself was a Jason Takes Manhattan stuntman.

But believe it or not, Kane Hodder actually does appear in Freddy vs. Jason!

Speaking with We Got This Covered, Hodder just told us something we never knew.

They say I wasn’t in Freddy vs. Jason. The filmmakers didn’t even know it, but I was in that movie,” Hodder told the site. “There was a scene where they’re at the insane asylum or whatever, the hospital, and there’s a movie playing on a TV set – and it happens to be Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3.”

He continued, “And there’s a scene of Leatherface doing something, and that’s actually me as Leatherface. I was the stunt double for R.A. Mihailoff for that movie and I was stunt coordinator. And so, they’re trying not to to put me in the movie, and I was still in it and they didn’t even know it.”

Indeed, Chainsaw Massacre 3 is briefly featured in the background of a Westin Hills scene that begins at 20:37. And yup, that’s Kane Hodder as Leatherface in the scene!

How crazy is that?!


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