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First Look at ‘Demons’ Director Lamberto Bava’s ‘Twins’!



Italian filmmaker Lamberto Bava (Demons) is back with his next horror film, which is appearing at the EFM in Berlin.

Bloody Disgusting learned of Twins, which stars Gérard Depardieu, Lars Eidinger, and Isabella Orsini, while also scoring an inside look at some of the first stills from the film.

Here’s the synopsis we assembled off the show floor: “The massacre of the Levi family, of which only adopted twins Eva and Greta survive, pits priests Father Michel and Father Paul against the powers of evil, both convinced that the twins are diabolical. The girls are then confined to a Halfway House, where a series of mysterious deaths occur, requiring the intervention of Police Commissioner Zanda, who fails to come up with any answers. Recruited by Bishop Tarcisi Lombard, the two priests set out on what will be a no-holds-barred fight against the twins, all the way to an exciting finale that will reveal Father Paul to be truly evil. However, Bishop Lombard, the deus ex machina of the situation, turns out to be the embodiment of Evil on Earth. In a very definitive upheaval of events, we learn that the two priests were killed in a road accident sometime before, their souls captured by the twins.

Bava is the son of the great Maria Bava and directed Demons, Demons 2, Devil Fish, Macabre, Body Puzzle, among many others.

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