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Even Kane Hodder is Hungry for ‘Friday the 13th’ to Return from the Grave



No, he probably won’t be involved. But he wants it anyway.

Despite a couple iterations of a Friday the 13th reboot *almost* getting off the ground in recent years, the franchise has remained dead for an uncharacteristically long period of time. In fact, we are currently in the midst of the longest stretch of time between Friday the 13th movies in history: at the time of writing this, it’s now been over 9 years!

What shape will Friday the 13th take once it’s finally brought back to life? We really have no idea at this point, but it’s likely that it’ll be Warner Bros. that produces the next installment in the franchise; the studio, after all, regains the rights this year. Then there’s that lawsuit from original writer Victor Miller, mucking things up further.

Whatever the hell is going on, Kane Hodder, who of course played Jason more than any other actor over the years, tells We Got This Covered that Friday needs to return.

“You’ve gotta do one more Friday movie,” Hodder told the site. “It’ll be the thirteenth one.”

Indeed, the next installment in the franchise would be the thirteenth Friday the 13th movie, which would needless to say be a pretty cool landmark for the franchise.

Here’s hoping we have some actual news for you in the coming months.


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