Plot Details for 'Irreversible' Director Gaspar Noé's 'Psyché' Take a Trip into Hell - Bloody Disgusting
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Plot Details for ‘Irreversible’ Director Gaspar Noé’s ‘Psyché’ Take a Trip into Hell



Image Credit: Jeremy Deputat/Red Bull Content Pool

There’s only been one film that I’ve never been able to bring myself to revisit, and that’s Gaspar Noé’s Irreversible, which the Argentinian filmmaker is no doubt most known for. Noé has also directed three other feature films – I Stand Alone, Enter the Void, and most recently, Love – and we’ve got details on his fifth movie for you today.

Via Indiewire, Noé’s next is titled Psyché, which will “center on a group of partygoers who get mysteriously drugged and plunge into Hell.”

The full plot rundown is as follows…

“In the mid 90’s, 20 urban dancers join together for a three-day rehearsal in a closed-down boarding school located at the heart of a forest to share one last dance. They then make one last party around a large sangria bowl.

Quickly, the atmosphere becomes charged and a strange madness will seize them the whole night. If it seems obvious to them that they have been drugged, they neither know by who nor why. And it’s soon impossible for them to resist to their neurosises and psychoses, numbed by the hypnotic and the increasing electric rythm of the music… While some feel in paradise, most of them plunge into hell.”

Production on Psyché is expected to be completed this Spring.


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