Drug-fueled 'Demon Driven', Revenge Thriller 'Expansivas' On Ramiro García Bogliano's Slate - Bloody Disgusting
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Drug-fueled ‘Demon Driven’, Revenge Thriller ‘Expansivas’ On Ramiro García Bogliano’s Slate



Director and screenwriter Ramiro García Bogliano is pitching a solo project, the drug-fueled horror flick Demon Driven, at the co-production market at this year’s Guadalajara Film Festival, Variety reveals.

Born in Argentina, raised in Spain and educated in Cuba, García Bogliano has often worked closely with brother Adrián on films like 2011’s Penumbra.

First selected for Ventana Sur’s Blood Window, then Austin’s Fantastic Market, set against the Buenos Aires late-night party scene, Demon Driven follows a group of young friends looking to party. At one point during the night’s reveries, a young woman in the group inadvertently takes an incredibly potent psychotropic drug. Much like the classic Night of the Demons, at first, she seems to be having a bad trip, but in time it becomes clear that something far more sinister is at play, in the form of demonic possession. To make it through the evening the group must fight the recently liberated demon. But, with no holy water, crucifixes or bibles, they must rely on the only weapon at their disposal… hardcore drugs.

While he pitches Demon Driven, Multimedia production company BTF Media and Argentina’s Crudo Films have joined to produce his first feature, Expansivas, which Garcia Bogliano calls a “female driven-revenge thriller.”

A crime thriller with no cops – a typical Bogliano twist on genre – and a movie which also has larger social resonance – another of his hallmarks – it has a pair of sisters returning to their hometown to lay to rest the remains of their murdered mother. There is conflict between them, with one sure that their father was the killer, and the other convinced of his innocence.

When concrete evidence of the true killer is found, they plot revenge. After stalking the killer and learning his routine, they make their move. But, once inside the killer’s home, something darker than either of them had imagined forces them to re-evaluate their plans.


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