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If You Love ‘The New Blood,’ You Need This Kickass New Poster



Celebrating 30 years of Kane Hodder’s Jason.

This year, specifically this coming May 13, marks the 30th anniversary of John Carl Buechler’s Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood, one of the most notably important films in the Friday franchise. While the third movie gave Jason his iconic hockey mask (thanks, Shelly!), it was the seventh that brought Kane Hodder into the mix.

Hodder, needless to say, was a game-changer for the Friday the 13th franchise, the actor/stuntman going on to play the iconic, undead slasher in four total installments.

Artist Steven Luros Holliday pays tribute to The New Blood with his new “Watery Grave” poster, being sold by Gutter Garbs as a 30th anniversary celebration.

The art is available on a 24″ x 36″ poster, as well as t-shirt and long sleeve shirt.

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