Socially Relevant 'Us and Them' Ignites Deadly Class Warfare On VOD - Bloody Disgusting
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Socially Relevant ‘Us and Them’ Ignites Deadly Class Warfare On VOD



The rich get rich. The poor stay poor.

Joseph Martin’s festival hit Us and Them puts a target squarely on the chest of the wealthy. The film centers on a working-class youngster who aims to kick-start a revolution by turning the tables on the establishment with a deadly game of chance.

Now on Digital and On Demand (check it out on iTunes), Us and Them us a must-see this Friday the 13th weekend.

Jack Roth (son of Tim Roth) stars as “an ordinary working-class kid who is tired of the rough deal he faces. His plan? To start a revolution by streaming attacks against the one percent on the web. His goal? To terrify the elite into bringing about chance. His plan spirals out of control when he holds a banker and his family hostage and forces them to gamble for their lives.”

The cast also includes Sophie Colquhoun, Tim Bentinck, Carolyn Backhouse, Andrew Tieran, Daniel Kendrick, Paul Westwood, and Louis Dempsey.


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