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Actress Nina Bergman Tweets That Universal is Getting Set to Film New ‘Doom’ Movie!



If it were to be announced today, a feature film adaptation of the Doom video game franchise starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson probably would be a huge source of excitement, with the film almost guaranteed to be a hit at the box office. Back in 2005, however, a Johnson-starring adaptation was both critically panned (19% on Rotten Tomatoes… ouch) while also being a big time box office flop, with the film only nabbing $55 million worldwide on a $60 million production budget.

Johnson himself even recently took a jab at the epic flop, calling it a “stinker”.

So will we ever see Doom back on the screen? Well, actress Nina Bergman (Assassin X) just posted a series of interesting tweets this week, revealing that Universal is prepping a new adaptation of Doom that Bergman will be starring in!

The actress tweeted, “Wow I’m doing the next “Doom” movie w/Universal Pictures! I just signed all the paperwork. I get to go back to Bulgaria again and work with some of my favorite people. This movie w/a super cool Director AND my new record coming out, I feel like the luckiest girl in the world.”

In a subsequent tweet, Bergman said that the new adaptation will be superior to the 2005 film, as it has a “much better script.”

At this time, no official announcement about a new Doom movie has been made, but we’ve reached out to Universal for comment. So stay tuned for more as we learn it.

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