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First ‘Halloween’ Footage Premieres at CinemaCon; Here’s What Was Shown!




As part of Universal’s presentation at CinemaCon today, Jason Blum and Jamie Lee Curtis were on hand to talk David Gordon Green’s Halloween, taking to the stage to divulge some juicy tidbits while also showing off the very first footage from the movie. Unfortunately, it hasn’t yet hit online, but we’ll of course post as soon as it does.

In the meantime, reactions to the footage have been flooding in on Twitter, as well as quotes from Curtis. For starters, Curtis again promised that the 40-years-later sequel to John Carpenter’s classic is going to “scare the living shit out of you,” while also describing the film as “old school meets new school with Laurie at the center of it… who has turned into a warrior.” It seems Laurie has been lying in wait for the return of Michael Myers, prepared to end him once and for all once he inevitably comes home.

The plot? Via @PiyaSRoy, “it follows a true crime investigative team making a doc about the 40-year-old incident, and of course things go wrong and MICHAEL MYERS ESCAPES and heads straight for Laurie Strode.”

@EricVespe describes the footage shown, noting that the new film goes out of its way to retcon the “Laurie and Michael are siblings” plot addition from Halloween 2!

Michael returns to Haddonfield on October 19, 2018.

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