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New Line Developing an Adaptation of Stephen King’s ‘The Long Walk’



If Stephen King‘s name is on it, you can expect that Hollywood wants their hands on it right now. As it turns out, the same is true even when King’s name is *not* technically on it, as THR reports tonight that New Line is developing an adaptation of The Long Walk, one of the books King penned under the pseudonym Richard Bachman.

James Vanderbilt (Truth) is writing the screenplay for New Line, the studio behind IT, and will produce with Bradley Fischer and William Sherak.

“First published in 1979, The Long Walk is set in future dystopian America ruled by an authoritarian. The country holds an annual walking contest in which 100 teens must journey, non-stop and under strict rules, until only one of them is still standing alive and receiving a prize. The story told of a 16-year old walker named Raymond Garraty and the teens, some good, some bad, some mysterious, in his orbit.”

Tracey Nyberg will exec produce.


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