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Yes, that’s totally a badass werewolf with a gun.

Legendary makeup effects artist Robert Kurtzman, the “K” in the KNB EFX Group (cofounder), has played a crucial role in countless horror gems over the years, from Evil Dead II to It FollowsFrom Dusk Till Dawn to Bubba Ho-Tep. In 1997, Kurtzman made his mark as a director with the franchise-starting Wishmaster, following it up 10 years later with zombie film The Rage.

Between Wishmaster and Rage, Kurtzman developed several projects that never ended up getting off the ground, one of which had the coolest title ever: Asskickers of the Damned.

Kurtzman had been developing Asskickers of the Damned around the time of The Rage, and his partner on it was Rage cohort John Bisson. Kurtzman explained to us in an e-mail chat this week, The Asskickers are a concept that John Bisson and I came up with as a comic movie and toyline about an elite team of soldiers who work for a secret government faction.”

He continued, “Their purpose is to contain and control evil/monsters throughout the world.”

We bring up the unmade project today because several concept models, drawings and busts just went up for auction as part of Hanlin’s Hollywood Memorabilia’s Robert Kurtzman Movie Prop and Art Auction. Online bidding for all items is currently open.

Meet Leviathan, El Morte, Golem, The War Wolf and Vixen below, badass characters that were to appear in the Kurtzman-directed, never-to-be-made Asskickers of the Damned.

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