Cinematographer Hilariously Responds to Criticisms of CGI in Shane Black's 'The Predator' - Bloody Disgusting
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If there’s one thing horror fans tend to hate it’s CGI, despite CGI in *most* horror movies being pretty damn good these days. Sure, there was a time when bad CGI was no doubt hurting the genre, but digital effects have come such a long way that it’s hardly even an issue anymore. At least not for big productions, where the budgets allow for quality work.

One such film that will surely have top notch digital effects work is Shane Black’s upcoming The Predator, which released a brand new still through Empire yesterday. Black himself tweeted out the image, and one fan decided to nastily reply with a gripe he had with the image. “That looks CGI as fuck,” the fan tweeted, criticizing the shot.

What’s funny about the criticism, however, is that there’s actually nothing computer-generated about that particular shot. In fact, The Predator cinematographer Larry Fong chimed in on the fan’s nasty tweet, quote-tweeting it with a simple message: “There’s no CGI in the shot. Therefore you’re wrong as fuck.”

As we noted in our set visit report, The Predator is sticking to practical effects as much as possible, with CGI only being utilized when absolutely needed; visual effects supervisor Jonathan Rothbart explained to us that the Predators are being kept as live action as possible with only a few shots being designed for VFX.

Black himself added during that set visit, “I’m very open to digital techniques that look real. I also know the eye can be easily fooled and the eye knows when it’s being fooled. If it’s a digital shot, it just has to feel real. You combine things… like Jurassic Park, [which had] a real sculpted dinosaur head that comes in the car but then the CG dinosaur walks away in the windshield. Using that technique of half digital and half sculpted. We use a lot of sculpture. We’ve got ADI, the original Predator designers. Woodruff and Gillis are doing the Predator for us.

So let’s not be so quick to judge. The Predator returns to theaters on September 14.

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