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There’s Currently Only One Place You Can Stream Dario Argento’s ‘Suspiria’



With Luca Guadagnino’s “remake” of Suspiria arriving in theaters this coming November, hardcore fans of Dario Argento are no doubt going to be spending the next few months revisiting his colorful 1977 classic, either on DVD or Blu-ray. Here in the States, Synapse recently released a new restoration on Blu-ray, while CultFilms did the same in the UK.

But for those who maybe aren’t *yet* fans of Argento’s Suspiria but want to watch the film on the road to the remake’s release, the bummer is that it’s not currently streaming on any of the major platforms. You won’t find Suspiria on Netflix or Hulu, nor can it be streamed (at this time, at least) through Amazon Prime. Say what?!

So how is anyone supposed to discover Suspiria for the first time while they wait for the remake, if they’re not keen on blind-buying the DVD or Blu-ray? Well, the good news is that Argento’s vivid and unforgettable masterpiece is at least streaming on one platform: the lesser-known Tubi TV, a free on-demand service with one little catch.

Unfortunately, the reason Tubi TV is free is because the videos you stream through it are interrupted with ads, but that’ll simply have to be good enough… for now.

So if you haven’t yet seen Suspiria and you’re dying to check it out right about now, head over to Tubi TV to stream the original classic tonight!

*Update: We’ve been informed Suspiria is now also streaming on Midnight Pulp.*

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