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Concept Art Puts You Up Close and Personal With the Monsters from ‘A Quiet Place’



From The Ritual to Annihilation, we’ve seen some pretty incredible monster designs this year, and I’d rank the creatures in John Krasinski’s A Quiet Place right up there with those two. The film’s marketing smartly, for the most part at least, didn’t reveal the creature designs, allowing them to make a big impression when they appeared on screen in the film.

Looking quite a bit like the Demogorgon from “Stranger Things,” the unnamed monsters in A Quiet Place hunt by sound, and their ears are easily the most unique aspect of their design. Their heads literally split open and peel back in a truly jaw-dropping way, revealing cavernous, throbbing ear lobes that give them super sensitive hearing.

Up until tonight, images of the creatures still hadn’t made their way onto the net, but io9 just scored several pieces of concept art from the upcoming home video release that finally show them off in all their glory. We’re only going to share a couple of those images down below, and we encourage you to head over to io9 to see the rest.

A Quiet Place arrives on Digital/DVD/Blu-ray on July 10.

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