Funko's POP! Vinyl Toys for 'The Predator' Give Us Our First Look at New Predator Dog - Bloody Disgusting
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Funko’s POP! Vinyl Toys for ‘The Predator’ Give Us Our First Look at New Predator Dog



Yes, just like in Predators there will be at least one “Predator Dog” in Shane Black’s The Predator, as we told you in our recent set visit report. Visual effects supervisor Jonathan Rothbart explained to us, however, that the design of the Predator Dog in Black’s film is not based on the dogs in the 2010 film, and we’ve got our first look at the new beastie today.

Well, sort of.

Funko will be releasing three POP! vinyl toys based on The Predator, which include Predator, Super Predator and Predator Dog, and the images of the upcoming toys preview the dog…

Images below come courtesy of Shane Black and Funko Pop Hunters.

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