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We Saw New ‘Halloween’ Footage at #SDCC and Michael Myers is Brutal and Terrifying



After blowing our collective minds with the first trailer for M. Night Shyamalan’s Glass, Universal Pictures slashed Hall H wide open with a clip and extended trailer for the new Halloween. Field reporter Rafael Motamayor was on hand to witness the return of Michael Myers in triumphant form as he walked from house to house murdering all of suburbia. Here’s a breakdown of the footage shown.

“A new extended scene from Halloween was just showed during the Universal panel at San Diego Comic-Con. The one-take scene begins with a couple of kids going trick or treating on Halloween night, then they suddenly bump into The Shape. As ominous as in the 70s, Michael just walks down the street, then goes to a garage and picks up a hammer. We follow, still in one take, as Michael enters the house adjacent to the garage. A woman is in the kitchen, unaware that she is about to meet her doom, Michael just walks up, no hesitation, and bludgeon her to death, a pool of blood covering the kitchen table.

“Following the cast’s comments of making Michael return to random violence instead of sibling violence, Michael continues to the house next door, enters through the back door, and stabs a young woman in the neck, the knife going all the way through.”

In the new Halloween, which follows the events of John Carpenter‘s 1978 slasher, Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) has been preparing for the Shape’s return. We see that Laurie has built a hidden shelter that’s presumably stocked with weapons. In fact, she’s wanted Michael to escape. There are demons in her closet and she’s been looking over her shoulder for 40 years. She has a family now. With Michael free, she can hunt him down and kill him for good.

Universal also shared an extended trailer that boasted new footage straight from Haddonfield.

“A new extended trailer for Halloween was just revealed during the Universal panel at San Diego Comic-Con. It began with footage from the original trailer, but this one is more focused on Laurie and the essence of what she told the police officer in the first trailer about her waiting so long for Michael to escape.

“We see several shots of Laurie’s house, a closer filled with lots of guns, trap doors, and sliding metal doors. We see her yelling at her daughter for not having a security system. Then a flash to a scene with Laurie taking charge and leading the police on the hunt for Michael through the streets, the experienced hunter finally about to find catch her pray.

“Then we see Laurie finally get the best of Michael, kicking him down some stairs and into the basement. Laurie’s granddaughter falls down with him and The Shape grabs her ankle.

“The trailer ends with a series of flashes to scenes of the cops looking for Michael and being fooled by the serial killer, and a shot of Michael breaking a window with his hands and grabbing Laurie by the neck.”

In the David Gordon Green-directed film, Judy Greer plays Karen Strode, Laurie’s daughter, while Andi Matichak landed the coveted role of the film’s young lead (daughter to Greer and granddaughter to Curtis).

Nick Castle will return to the role of Michael Myers, while stunt performer and actor James Jude Courtney has also been cast to play Myers.

The cast also includes Virginia “Ginny” Gardner (Project Almanac, Marvel’s “Runaways”), Miles Robbins (Mozart in the Jungle, My Friend Dahmer), Dylan Arnold (Mudbound, Laggies, When We Rise), and Drew Scheid (“Stranger Things”, The War with Grandpa). They will be playing the friends of Matichak’s Allyson.

Michael returns to Haddonfield on October 19, 2018.

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