A24 Now Spoofs the Domino's Pizza Logo to Promote 'Slice' - Bloody Disgusting
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A24 Now Spoofs the Domino’s Pizza Logo to Promote ‘Slice’



Last week, A24 released the first teaser poster for Slice that took a stab at Little Caesar’s Pizza logo. Now, they’ve upped the ante with one that spoofs on Domino’s. What’s next, Pizza Hut?

Shit, now I have to get some ‘za for lunch…

While there’s still no release date, the teaser poster promises to deliver death in 30 minutes or less.

Fellow Chicago native Austin Vesely directs the film that stars Chance the Rapper, with Zazie BeetzPaul Scheer, and Will Brill (Eyes Of My Mother, “The OA”).

“It’s a city where ghosts and humans come together; there’s a ghost town and a regular town,” producer Brett Hays said last year during filming. “It just kind pokes fun and has fun with those genres.”

Slice follows a pizza delivery driver who is murdered on the job, leaving the city searching for someone to blame: ghosts? drug dealers? a disgraced werewolf?

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