Bayona Reveals the Inspiration for That Heartbreaking Moment in 'Fallen Kingdom' and We're Crying Again - Bloody Disgusting
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Bayona Reveals the Inspiration for That Heartbreaking Moment in ‘Fallen Kingdom’ and We’re Crying Again



Just rip the hearts right out of our chests, will ya already?

In many ways, J.A. Bayona’s Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom kills off the franchise we know Jurassic Park/World to be, opening it wide up and allowing it to become something else entirely. Mostly, I’m referring to the complete and total destruction of Isla Nublar, leveled by a massive volcano that, long story short, sets many of the island’s dinosaurs free.

Sadly, not all the dinosaurs that were in Jurassic Park/World survive the volcanic event, with a Brachiosaurus being the film’s most devastating casualty. As a sad version of John Williams’ iconic Jurassic Park theme song plays over the stunning visuals, we see a Brachiosaurus left behind on the island, where it meets a fiery, thoroughly heartbreaking end.

To make the scene even sadder, the Brachiosaurus that dies in Fallen Kingdom was supposed to be the very same dinosaur we first saw in Jurassic Park, and the same character animation was even utilized to remind us of that breathtaking moment we first experienced way back in 1993. It’s all really just too much to handle, but beautifully executed all the same.

Now we’re crying all over again with Bayona’s reveal that the reference point for the unforgettable shot was freakin’ E.T.‘s beating heart, a touching nod to Spielberg.

Why are you doing this to us, man? WHY?!

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